Monday, June 7, 2010

Battlefield Heroes.

This being the first post and all i would like to say that this is definatly one of the best online games of all time. To support that I'll say that played in full screen it would be very easy to mix this up with a traditional PC game.  Now to stop talking I'll provide proof.

After this video i know what your thinking. Wow this looks really stupid, But if you hang in there this can be a very fun game.


FREE!!!! A good amount of lore(weapons, cloths).


Easy for the other guy to hack. If you want better weapons you have to get "battlefunds" Which you have to pay for(with real money). Meaning that depending on how far you take it.... well than it's not "free"

So the verdict for this game is Play it for a while and drop it. Then occasionally come back a couple months later and playit for 20 minutes before you realise your being killed over and over again by the same guy with an aimbot.

Producer:  EA
Rated: T(for teen)
Ranking: (1 to 10, with 10 being great) 6
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